Newcastle defeated West Ham in the 30th Premier League Round


On March 30, Newcastle reversed West Ham United 4-3 at home in the 30th round of the Premier League, and the fate of this season may change.

This difficult victory may ignite the fire of hope for Newcastle’s European qualification, and Moyes, who was through the crisis of trust in February, had just a few more days, and immediately fell into controversy.

Moyes paid the price for his conservative tactical ideas.

So if the national football team continues to look for the head coach later, don’t look for these old-fashioned coaches.

If your team leads 3-1, if they replace with new European coaches such as Alonso, Amorim and Nagelsman, they will continue to oppress their opponents and make them nervously broken, or will they surrender their guns first and try to keep the score?

West Ham United led 3-1 away from home, and in the 69th minute, Moyes replaced center Antonio with midfielder Phillips.

The formation of the Hammer Gang is still 4231, and the back is Phillips and Plaus. Socek’s position is the front midfielder, Paquita’s position is the left wing, Kudus’s right wing, and Bowen’s center. In fact, this configuration is also often played during Antonio’s injury.

The problem was the back, and then Moyes replaced the physically weak Plaus with a defender Ben Johnson.

This is a bit like Ivan’s substitution in the away game between the national football team and Singapore. The change is in chaos, and West Ham United has been very passive since then.

After Phillips was replaced, the midfield couldn’t stand at all and casually let Barnes suddenly. The Manchester City abandoned general seemed to have completely lost his self-confidence and ability.

Newcastle scored three goals in a row, a 4-3 reversal!

Of course, this also has something to do with the complete loss of the back Phillips. West Ham United has had such excellent signings as Cudus, but there are also failures such as Phillips.

As for the change of goalkeeper at halftime, I don’t think it will have much impact. Those balls, if they are replaced by Areola, may not be able to save.

The competition in the Premier League is extremely fierce. In fact, there are some weak players in Newcastle and West Ham.
They can barely play in the relegation team, but if they are required by the European qualification standards, they are obviously unqualified. More prominent are West Ham United’s Czech full-back Caofal, central defender Mavropanos; Newcastle’s Dan Byrne, Longstaff, Willlock and others.

If West Ham continues to follow this trend, it may lose its qualification for next season’s European competition.

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