Real Madrid emerges as the Winner of the Champions League in the Match Against Bayern


After the end of the domestic league last weekend, Bayern and Real Madrid entered the preparation time for the second round of the Champions League semi-finals. In the first round, the two sides drew 2-2 at the Allianz Stadium, and the second round will be a decisive match at the Bernabeu Stadium. Whether Real Madrid or Bayern, whoever wins will advance to the Champions League final, one step closer to the championship. The time started at 3:00 a.m. on May 9, and CCTV continued to arrange live broadcasts on CCTV5.

According to statistics, after the restructuring of the UEFA Champions League, Real Madrid advanced to the quarterfinals for the 17th time, and Bayern advanced to the quarterfinals for the 13th time, ranking second in history, so it is not an exat too much to call this competition “European Derby”.

Historically, the two teams have played against 26 times, which is the most matches in the history of the Champions League. Among them, 20 of them appeared in the knockout stage and the 8th time they met in the semi-finals. They are all historical records. Because the last meeting was traced back to the 2017-18 season, the lineups of both sides were replaced, so relatively It’s strange.

In the first round, Real Madrid challenged Bayern at the Allianz Stadium, and finally shook hands 2-2. South Korean defender Kim Min-jae was regarded as Bayern’s undercover by the fans. The team’s two goals lost were related to him, especially the foul delivery point in the penalty area in the second half, which made Bayern unable to end the eight-game losing record against Real Madrid.

According to statistics, Bayern’s last victory over Real Madrid dates back to 2012, 12 years after the present. Due to the long-term defeat, Bayern’s previous record advantage against Real Madrid has been reduced, and now it has become slightly superior to 12 wins, 4 draws and 11 losses.

After a week, the two sides played a second round of match, and Real Madrid played against Bayern at home. According to statistics, Real Madrid has been unbeaten at home for 29 consecutive games, which is a great advantage. Even a team like Manchester City can’t take away the victory from the Bernabeu Stadium.

Real Madrid is very good at playing the Champions League knockout stage, plus home advantage, and is naturally optimistic about promotion. With a 1-0 winning score, it can eliminate Bayern and return to the Champions League final. At the same time, it will earn 15.5 million euros. If it finally wins the championship, there will be a bonus of 4.5 million euros, plus the next season’s European Super Cup. There is also a guaranteed bonus of 3.5 million euros.

This season, Real Madrid won the 15th Champions League, and Bayern is the 7th Champions League. Now only one team can advance to the final.

According to German statistics, Real Madrid’s team is worth 1.04 billion euros, the highest player in the team is Bellingham with 180 million euros, Bayern is worth 920 million euros, and the highest player in the team is Musiara and Kane, both of whom are 110 million euros.

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