Paris Saint-Germain lost 0-1 at home to Dortmund, and was eliminated by the opponent with a total score of 0-2


In the second round of the 2023-24 UEFA Champions League semi-finals, Paris Saint-Germain lost 0-1 at home to Dortmund, and was eliminated by the opponent with a total score of 0-2, missing the final. This game is likely to be Mbappé’s last Champions League match in Paris. After the game, Mbappe was interviewed and talked about the reason why the team was out.

In this game, Paris Saint-Germain was in the middle of the fourth post, and the club’s president Nasser thought that the team was out because of bad luck. When asked where Paris lost, Mbappe said, “We must score, and we also have a chance to score. But if you can’t do it, it’s difficult to win and advance when you are not effective enough in both penalty areas. Now, not everything is over. The team paid a lot, and it tried to make everyone present proud, but it was not enough. We must continue to work on the basis of what we have, because we also have another goal (French Cup final). We can’t stop this season because of the French Cup. The French Cup is an important goal.

When asked if he was defeated by a stronger opponent, Mbappe said, “I don’t know. There is no need to belittle the opponent. But in my opinion, I think they performed better in both restricted areas. After the game, everyone will analyze, but the fact is that they came here and scored in one or two attacks, and we often entered their penalty area, but failed to score. This is a ruthless fact. I don’t like to talk about luck. When you are good enough, the ball won’t hit the post, it will enter the net. Today, we are not doing well in this offensive area where we are expected to perform.

After the game, the French media Team gave Mbappe the lowest score in the game, saying frankly that his performance was like a nightmare and he did not have the strength to compete for the Golden Globe Award. Speaking of his performance, Mbappe said, “I do my best to help my team.
This is not enough. When it comes to efficiency in the restricted area, I think I am the first person to be blamed. I’m the one who should score and decide the game. When things go well, I enjoy all the glory; when things don’t go well, I have to bear all the shadows. I have no problem with this. I am the first person who should score tonight. Life is like this now. Whether it’s me or the team, we need to move forward.

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