Chelsea spent 40 million, scoring 36 goals in 38 games Analysis by Ogun


After Burley joined Chelsea, he spent a lot of money. He invested more than 1 billion pounds in three transfer windows, but most of them did not perform in line with his value.

Only one person can be called value for money. He is the former player Palmer of Manchester City. In terms of the order of transfers, Palmer was Chelsea’s whistle signing in the summer window of 2023, because it was not until the last day of the transfer window that the transfer fee was 40 million pounds + 25 million floating.

At that time, there were mixed opinions on the contract. Some people thought that such a huge amount of money to introduce a young player who could not play the main force in Manchester City was simply a fool of money.

However, many Chelsea fans were optimistic about Palmer’s potential and thought that he could become an important player of the team.

The final result was beyond everyone’s expectation. Naturally, those who hit the face the most were bad, and of course, those who were cautious. Because Palmer has not only become an important player of the Blues, but also the absolute core of the front court, the number one scorer and assist!

At the end of the season, Palmer scored 23 goals and assists 13 times in 38 games on behalf of Chelsea, directly participating in 36 goals, averaging nearly 1 goal per game; including 20 goals and 9 assists in 27 league games, direct participation in 29 goals, averaring more than 1 goal per game! In the league against Everton, Palmer had a fourth victory, leading the team to a 6-0 victory over Toffee.

Looking back at these four goals, Palmer showed his ability to the fullest. The first goal, Palmer took the ball outside the penalty area, passed the crotch and passed the defender. After that, he sent a heel pass in the face of the three-person encirclement, and then inserted it to the top of the arc to receive Kesedo’s pass and rubbed it into the net. In one go, four or two strokes. This is the master’s hand!

The second goal was saved by Jackson’s volley in front of the goal, and Palmer followed up with a header in time, which showed the shooter’s sharp ability to capture the fighter, and this was not the first time Palmer has seized the opportunity to score in front of the goal this season; the third goal was also wonderful.

Pickford’s backcourt ball was interrupted by Palmer, followed by The brilliant shot to the top of the door, the defensive consciousness and the ultimate foot feeling make people amazing!

Although the fourth goal was Cucurelia’s assist in Jackson’s goal, the penultimate pass also came from Palmer. It was his direct pass on the side that found Cucurelia, so that the latter got the opportunity to pass the open position.

The process of the fifth goal was a little ugly, because it was a penalty, and many Chelsea players competed for the penalty, the most In the end, Gallagher grabbed the ball and handed it to Palmer for a penalty. There is no problem with this choice, because the penalty was created by Palmer, and he was also the team’s first pointer, and he had played before.

After scoring four goals in a single game, Palmer’s goals also tied with Harland, who ranked first in the scorer list. Harland’s performance at the goal end this season has declined significantly, and Palmer is likely to finally get the golden boot. Even if it is missed in the end, the fact that a midfielder can hand over such a burst of performance is enough to show that the deal is worth it. Palmer is only 21 years old, and he will definitely become the cornerstone of the Blues’ revival.

In addition, after losing 0-1 to Liverpool, Chelsea achieved 5 wins and 3 draws in the following eight games. He also caught up on the table.

At present, he is only 3 points behind Manchester United, only one step away from the top 6! This wave of achievements is enough for Pochettino to temporarily get rid of the crisis of class.

Even if it does not go to the top six in the end, Burley is likely to continue to give Uncle Bo time, because this is a young team full of potential. It takes time to grow, and this wave of performance at the end of the season also sees hope.

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