Will Manchester City Miss Out On The Next Champions League?


In the FA Cup final, Manchester United defeated Manchester City 2-1 to win the championship again. After eight years, they won the cup again, only one left to catch up with the first-place Arsenal in history.
This championship also means that Manchester United has secured the qualification for the UEFA Europa League next season, while Chelsea has qualified for the UEFA Europa League.

However, Newcastle, ranked seventh in the Premier League, will not be able to play in Europe next season, and Arsenal also missed the qualification to participate in the Community Shield Cup. This series of results directly affect the future of the four teams.

This season’s Premier League list has been settled, and Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Villa have secured their seats in the Champions League next season.
Due to the limited number of places in the Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur, the fifth-ranked team, can only participate in the UEFA Europa League, while the other place belongs to the FA Cup champion.

According to the regulations, if the FA Cup champion is in the top five positions, the place in the UEFA Europa League will be transferred to the sixth place in the Premier League; otherwise, the sixth place in the Premier League will need to participate in the UEFA Europa League, and the seventh place in the Premier League will be disqualified for the European game.

Previously, Chelsea was ranked sixth in the table, Newcastle ranked seventh, and Manchester United only ranked eighth. Manchester United’s only way out is to participate in next season’s UEFA Europa League by winning the championship.

Last season, Newcastle performed well and finally surpassed Liverpool to win the fourth place in the Premier League and return to the Champions League. However, this season’s record was sluggish, ranking only seventh, and was pushed out of the European circle by Manchester United and Chelsea.

The distribution of places for the Premier League team in Europe next year

Champions League seats: Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Villa

UEFA Europa League qualification: Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United

UEFA Europa League Qualification: Chelsea

It is worth mentioning that Manchester United won the FA Cup and was also qualified to participate in the Community Shield. The opponent will be Manchester City.
This showdown marks Manchester City’s second derby 13 years later, and also means that Arsenal will miss the Community Shield next season.

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