Pierre Sage Future Becomes Uncertain Since Dismissal From Olympique Lyonnais


Appointed until the end of the season on the bench of Olympique Lyonnais, Pierre Sage does not know what his future will be made of. Neither does its leaders.

On November 30, after the dismissal of Fabio Grosso, Pierre Sage, then director of the OL training center, was appointed coach of John Textor’s club.

 An interim extended in January until the end of the 2023-2024 season, the Lons-le-Saunier native having managed to bring Olympique Lyonnais back on the right track in terms of the ranking, moreover by being extremely good in his internal and external communication.

Calm having returned, at the same time as the good results, but necessarily everyone wonders what the owner of the OL will do once the season is over.

It’s no secret, John Textor does not hesitate to cut off heads whenever he wants, and necessarily, Pierre Sage not having the essential diploma to occupy this coaching position, the temptation could be great to already discreetly seek his successor. Invited by OL TV, the sports director of Olympique Lyonnais does not want to get excited about next season.

Pierre Sage will have to wait until the end of the season

For David Friio, who at OL and OM knows what it’s like to change coach at a hectic pace, reveals that Pierre Sage’s future will be decided on the evening of the 34th and last day of Ligue 1, and not before. “Regarding Pierre, we will make a decision at the end of the season.

The club will settle down and study the best thing to do. OL fully supports its initiative to register for the BEPF, and it is in the logic. From the moment in January we signed up with Pierre (Sage) for the end of the season, it was natural to push him to register for the BEFP, the club totally supports him. 

His training is something that can be managed on a daily basis, the federation helps us in this direction. Pierre Sage is a very intelligent and very calm person. Of course, he did not have the experience of the high level and a group as number 1. 

We discuss daily, and I help him to make things more fluid about the approach to the profession. He is very receptive and he hits right away and progresses from day to day. I see it in his speeches, they are not the same as at the beginning, “said the leader of Olympique Lyonnais, who however saw like everyone else that OL supporters were behind Pierre Sage.

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