Manchester United 4-3 Liverpool: Man United Advanced To The Top Four Of The FA Cup For The 32nd Time In History


From the evening of March 17 to the early morning of March 18, European football ended many games. Manchester United defeated Liverpool 4-3 in the FA Cup, Chelsea defeated Leicester City 4-2 in the FA Cup, Leverkusen defeated Freiburg 3-2 in the Bundesliga, AC Milan defeated Verona 3-1 in Serie A, and staged a crazy night.

According to statistics, this is the 15th match between Manchester United and Liverpool in the history of the FA Cup.

Previously, Manchester United advanced 10 times and Liverpool only passed 4 times, so Manchester United is the team that eliminated Liverpool the most times in this competition.

In the opening 10 minutes, Ganajo’s shot was blocked, and McTominay made a make-up shot, helping Manchester United get a fantastic start 1-0. In the 44th minute, McAlister scored, and then in half-time stoppage time, Nunez’s shot was saved, and Salah made a make-up shot to help Liverpool overtake the score 2-1.

In the second half, Liverpool missed many good opportunities to expand the score. Anthony scored as a substitute to help Manchester United drag into overtime.
In extra time, the two teams staged a goal battle. Elliott scored and overtreated, then Rashford equalized, and then went to Amad’s final goal, helping Manchester United defeat Liverpool 4-3. The team advanced to the top four of the FA Cup for the 32nd time in history, ranking first in history.

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