How Manchester United Won 13th FA Cup, History and more


Most Manchester United fans will be happy for the 13th FA Cup in the team’s history. After a depressing and bleak season, they should be happy and celebrate. But holding the FA Cup and whether it is worth giving Tenghar another chance are two different things. As a fan, whether or not to support (not necessarily mean liking or appreciate) Tenghach or not is a personal will (see). Whether Tenghach stays in office does not matter much, and it may not have an impact. As a boss, you should never be emotional, blinded by the moment’s brilliance, and forget the previous 51 games.

Former Chelsea boss Abu had two regrets: one was that he did not listen to the advice and fired Ancelotti with a heart; the other was that he could not resist the surge of public opinion and let Dimateo become a regularist.

As wise as Abu, he will not be able to be self-reliant, let alone Ratcliffe, who does not have much achievements in playing with tickets. Of course, winning the cup is a bonus for Tenghaher.
He has an untame attitude towards the media after the game. “If Manchester United doesn’t want me, I’ll go somewhere else to get the championship.” It seems to imply something, but it can’t explain anything.

Before the game, the media hyped that he was out of class, which was not groundless. Ratcliffe and his staff refused to take a stand on Tenghach’s departure, which was a normal posture to cool the heat of the coach.

No matter what they choose, they should not change their public opinion again. Calm down and it is the top priority to fully review Tenghaer’s two seasons. This is fair to Tenghach and more necessary for Manchester United.

It is very easy for ordinary fans to shout “one more season”. There is no need to consider the cost and consequences of leaving Tenghach, and they will never greet his ancestors with the poison in his mouth when Tenghach is on the street again. Taking care of a club of Manchester United’s size is the least subject to public opinion (Greenwood is a lesson from the past). Although it is extremely difficult to do so, it may not even pay off (soon). If you win the FA Cup, you can continue your life, Ferguson testified; if you win the FA Cup, it’s still over, Van Gaal’s demonstration. The former survived the darkness, partly because Manchester United lacked (taking advantage of) candidates; the latter was dismissed on the spot, and the biggest reason was that Woodward had reached an agreement with Mourinho. At present, Manchester United is quite similar to that of Ferguson. At present, several candidates are too light to convince most fans that “changing coach is a better plan”.

So how to review Tenghach’s two seasons?

There are two steps: one is to just look at the final process, and the other is Tenghach’s words and deeds. Does Manchester United deserve the cup? There is no dispute. Menu’s goal is the crystallization of a wonderful cooperation, which also reflects the judgment and selfless dedication of B Fei. If you support Tenghach but demean Bruno, you need to see ophthalmology and neurology. Manchester United played better than Manchester City, but it was only available to return to the fast reverse.
Tenghach did not try to win the game with “tight pressure”, so there was no doubt that he threw himself into the net, and Guardiola couldn’t help but beging for it. In addition to the excellent performance of Bruno and Menu, Amrabat is another loyal player.

He (alternatingly staring with Menu) paralyzed Foden. Manchester City squeezed Manchester United’s defense, but could not provide Foden with a chance to fire at medium-range.

Against Guardiola’s team, if you can’t get a considerable possession of the ball, counterattack is the only winning weight. How to quickly run the ball behind Manchester City and let Ghana Joe and Rushford sprint in turn is Tennhach’s offensive idea. Ghana Joe’s goal was caused by a misunderstanding between Gwadior and Ortega. With personal skills alone, Ghana Joe did not do it. The second ball is a masterpiece of fast reversal. Both goals were transferred on a large scale, with a long cross-court pass from left to right from Dallow and Rashford, quickly turning the edge to the weaker side of Manchester City.

Gwadior had an outstanding performance at the end of the Premier League, but after all, he was the foundation of the central defender. When he met Ghana Joe, he was physically reckless, and he was hard and lost in pursuit. Manchester City rarely dragged on and failed to organize an attack that culled with a shot for a long time. Harland didn’t work in the big scene again. His physical advantage (if it was an advantage) was still not a threat to Manchester United’s six-yard area. He was majestic in the derby last season. Why didn’t he play a similar role this season?

Harland did hit the door frame – his only threat to the court. With Harland’s ability, it should not be so low. The middle pillar is certainly related to luck, but it also shows that he still needs to refine his shooting skills, and it is not limited to his feet. Foden didn’t have a chance to use a hundred steps to wear Yang, but Alvarez had a one-on-one chance, which was pushed off. There is no doubt that Manchester City is unlucky. But Sun Xingmin’s single missed opportunity may be Manchester City’s last luck in four consecutive years this season. Guardiola should not complain about this. The Manchester City coach admitted that he had misscheduling and did not blame the absence of some main players.

The final was intense and exciting, but not wonderful. Only one team is playing, and the other team is not hangover. What conclusions do we draw through the finals? Manchester United still only knows and is only willing to play fast. Today, with the control of transmission and the bright drainage, Tenghahe’s routine is not pleasing. Kompani brought Burnley back to the British Championship, but won the favor of Bayern. You know how deformed the football world is now. “The king of Chu is so thin, and how hungry he is in the palace.”

Tenghaer is by no means the head coach of Fast-Relation, but he is forced to play with this “outdage” concept at Manchester United, which shows what players Manchester United has saved for many years. The trouble is that Teng Hahe refused the reality and had no ingredients on hand to go to the Man-Han banquet. Manchester United fell to the lowest ranking in the Premier League era, which can be generally attributed to the embarrassment that he was unwilling to fight back quickly, but did not take the initiative to attack.

A set of four different ways of play led to the overall loss of the Premier League, which was the worst result in the team’s history of the Premier League.

Tenghaer was able to come back to life last season. The core is that after two consecutive rounds, he changed to fast reversal, gave up Cristiano Ronaldo, reused Sancho and Rashford, gradually recovered the lost ground, and stumbled and competed for the four-line. During this period, there was the humiliation of the Seventh Army flooded by Klopp, and the crisis of being blocked by West Ham and Brighton. At that time, there were many people shouting “Tenghahe is over from class”. He was not talented, but he was a strong minority at that time. Tenghach is not a quick reflux, and Lin is not in love with the old. He thinks that Capello is a saint.

A good coach focuses on a review of the situation. Even if Guardiola, the founder of the current trend, abandoned many of his concepts during Barcelona eight years in the Premier League. If you don’t believe it, look at Harland. The majority of people are disappointed with Tenghaer this season. Why disappointed? Disappointed with what? This is the second step of the review. Last season, Tenghahe decisively stopped the “Jia Fuliu” out of self-protection. Now he has won the FA Cup again, which is also out of self-protection. Doesn’t he know what kind of play is going to work at present? His heart was like a mirror, but Tenghahe was unwilling to be labeled as a quick reversal.

He got the third place last season, which made him dizzy and felt that Manchester United only needed to fine-tune it to hit a bigger goal. As for what he said after the game, “Manchester United’s current position is exactly one of Teng’s plans”, which was purely a cover-up and could not be trusted by ordinary fans. If you don’t believe that Tenghaher overestimates himself and Manchester United, look at his signings: Onana, Mount and Hoylen. Spending money is the most honest. These are all strategic procurement for high-level tightness, especially Onana.

Manchester United lacks other elements of front-court pressure: a winger who is willing to fight with his opponent and does not hesitate to exert his physical strength. Rashford suddenly became an outcast in the eyes of fans by a player who had achieved a single-season personal peak. He is still the brainless (only means that he didn’t have a header) one-shoe, and his attitude is not the same as it was a year ago. What’s the solution? Rashford can’t do it, let alone push it. This year is the year of the competition. In case the early end of the season, Rashford will lose the opportunity to appear in the European Cup, which is bound to make him continue to suffer a blow to the charity of begging for hungry children.

Ghana Joe didn’t play tricks. He didn’t know how to do it. Looking at the midfield, except for Bruno’s willingness to do it, Eriksson is too old, Menu is too young, McTomine is too stupid, and Casemiro wants to mix it out. May I ask: With such a team, how did Tenghach come to the conclusion that “we are very competitive and suitable for front-court pressure”? Know yourself and know your enemy. If Tenghacher can’t even do the first half, how do you let him do the second half?

This transformation almost killed Tenghach and also killed Manchester United. Hoylen became the target of poverty alleviation in Rashford. He didn’t have enough to eat most of the season, but he was running crazily. A center with low production fell into the team without a cross and became another givash, a bait thrown to the opponent’s defense. Hoylen’s starvation reflects Tenghacher’s true intention: the center is not the source of the goal, but the winger’s inward cut. Rashford’s state declined, Ghana Joe did not knew the left, and Anthony did not get up.

Now you understand why Manchester United lost the goal in the season, right? One by one, what are the consequences of not threatening the attack? Your opponent will have more opportunities to teach you how to be a man. Therefore, the media released data on how many times Manchester United was shot, which is a serious warning. In fact, Manchester United had this problem last season, but because Manchester United was extremely lucky, except for being caught by Liverpool and Sevilla, most of the games ended in victory, and the media had to follow the table.

This situation was revealed before the start of the Champions League this season, but Tenghacher turned a deaf ear. The Champions League was defeated, and the second group was in the last seat, but Tenghacher still didn’t feel the need to correct it. Manchester United then continued to decline in the four-way race. As long as Teng Hach sticks to the front court, Manchester United will not be defeated. Once the tail is pinched, the result will rebound immediately. Three games against Liverpool, against Newcastle and visiting Everton, are all typical examples.

Tenghach spent 400 million euros on Manchester United to sign seven players, but still can’t beat Jia Fuliu. Whose is the blame? Are Manchester United fans disgusted with the fast backflow? Not at all! As long as you win, even if you play “Fline”. Tenghacher can’t win, but he can’t win steadily, and he can still lose if he wins steadily. He frequently read the “Injured Sutra” to strengthen the impression that “Manchester United is injured only skin and bones” in everyone’s mind.

This is not the case. It is limited to the length. I only want to tell you the conclusion that Manchester United can’t defend in only a few games, but Tennhacher excludes the defenders promoted by the echelon from the statistics, even if it is replaced by Casemiro.

Someone will defend this practice: Isn’t that throwing the child under the train? An experience in football tells us that you don’t know if you don’t need it. Who said that “you can’t win anything with a group of children”? What happened later? At the end of the year, Tenghach also has to bear the charge of misconordination and lack of backhand. And overall response is exactly the basic skill of the “football manager”.

The intention of reading the “Injured Sutra” is: I, Teng Hahe, am too unlucky. If there is no one, what do you want me to do! You see, once I have someone, won’t Manchester City win?

But in fact, in the previous starting games between Varane and Lima, Manchester United also lost a lot. Teng Hacher said that he was unlucky, which was also a gimmick: you are already very lucky, brother. In the semi-finals of Coventry, if it hadn’t been for the small black room to make the opponent’s fourth goal offside, Manchester United would not even be qualified for the final. Manchester United was once far ahead of the other side by 3-0, but it almost reversed a team in the middle of the Championship. This alone could make Abu stand up.

Manchester United was shot nearly 670 times by all opponents in the Premier League, averating more than 17 times per game, ranking second in the Premier League, second only to Sheffield United. Even Crystal Palace was only 70% of the number of hits, which was lost 58 goals, which was half of the goal conceded by Sheffield United, and 70% of Luton’s conceded (Luton’s shots shot four times less than Manchester United).

What about last season? Manchester United has been shot slightly more than 480 times (because of the defense), which is 70% of the season, 43 goals lost, which is 75% of the season. Once again, it shows that Manchester United’s gains and losses this season are negative, which is directly related to the way of play.

If Liverpool is lucky, Manchester United will be beaten again and again in those three games this season. Looking at last season, Manchester United kept three points in key games against Leicester City, Southampton, West Ham and Villa, and Fulham in the FA Cup was a lucky reaction.

Compared with peers, before and after comparison, we can see several major shortcomings that Tenghach is not competent: lack of preparation, lack of hands after response, and dealing with violations of discipline based on the player’s attitude towards themselves. Finally, the most important point is that there is no correct understanding of the player’s ability. The bottom line that can make the Teng faction stick to it, but at present, there is no so-called heavyweight coach waiting for Manchester United to call in everyone’s eyes. Even this one was smashed by Alonso’s victory in Leverkusen.

There are so many young and promising coaches, as long as you try to find them, you can’t find them. If it’s not to completely change the idea of Manchester United’s change of coach and introduction, why change the management first? It is still my previous sentence: “The current head coach is not good enough to control Manchester United” is a known fact. Is the candidate unknown at any level? Is it because of the unknown, continue to run on the known dead road? How do foreigners describe madness? It is to keep trying on what is known and hoping to get different results.

I hope Manchester United’s new boss is not at that point.

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