Fulham begins planning to build an ultra-luxury VIP box in the home stadium together with a swimming pool


According to Rome Sport, the Premier League Fulham plans to build a super-luxury VIP box with a swimming pool at home.

Fulham Club’s home is Cravin Farm Stadium, and the club plans to renovate some of the main stands and build a luxurious VIP box at the highest point of the stand. It not only has bars, riverfront terraces and other facilities, but also has a swimming pool for VIP users to relax while swimming and enjoying the beautiful scenery of London’s River Thames.

However, Fulham’s plan has also been criticized by some fans. This season, Fulham fans have repeatedly criticized the club’s overpriced tickets and only consider the experience of the rich.

Shahid Khan, owner of Fulham Club, said: “My idea for the new Riverside Stand is to provide a place for our fans and our community to continue to experience the history and tradition of our home court every day of the year.

And especially on the game day, whether in London or elsewhere, you can get a high-quality viewing experience that is different from ordinary football. All of this is to provide the world’s best viewing experience for the game, which will also be conducive to the long-term development of Fulham Club. The new riverside stand at Craven Farm Stadium will make all this possible.

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