EPL UPDATE: A computer Has Decided That Arsenal Will Win The Champion League


This season, the Premier League is the tightest. It is difficult to know who from Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool will be crowned English champion.

English football fans and observers are served this season with a huge suspense about the next champion. 

At the end of the 28th day, Arsenal (1st, 64 points (+46), Liverpool (2nd, 64 points (+39)) and Manchester City (3rd, 63 points (+35)) are still fighting an intense battle. 

It is very difficult to know which team will be able to make a difference. Moreover, for prothectors, the gap will be very small. It is not BettingExpert’s super computer, BETSIE, that will say the opposite. According to the latter, the future Premier League champion will be crowned… unlike goals.

Arsenal would finally hit the goal in the Premier League, Liverpool disgusted


The super computer specifies in particular that Arsenal will still win 22 points in the league, with 7 victories in its last 10 games. 

The Gunners would therefore have a total of 86 points, the same as announced for Liverpool. 

This would therefore be played out at the difference of goals, which would be favorable to Arsenal, with a +7 on the counter on the Reds. 

The third would therefore be Manchester City, which would finish two small points from Arsenal and Liverpool. These are only predictions but there is no doubt that this final ranking would please Arsenal fans, who have not experienced the flavor of a title in the Premier League since the 2003-2004 season. 

Cruel on the other hand for Jürgen Klopp and his men. Regarding the Skyblues, they would lose their crown. 

They therefore know what they still have to do to reverse the trend and make predictions lie, to the delight of fans and observers. On the next championship day, Arsenal will receive Chelsea, Manchester City will go to Brighton and Liverpool will play the derby against Everton at Goodison Park.

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