Arsenal Did A Come back After 14 Years Of Reaching Quater Final


The scorer Leandro Trossard (41st, 1-0) mainly contributed to the success, as well as goalkeeper David Raya, winner of his face-to-face in front of Wendell and then Galeno, the same one who had knocked them down in the additional time in the first leg (1-0).

“We play football for these moments, I am lucky to play for Arsenal, to be in the Champions League and to qualify for the quarter-finals,” savored Raya, who arrived on loan this summer from Brentford, in front of the camera of TNT Sports.

Arsenal had not been in the European Top 8 since 2010, and it was then also necessary to overthrow the Portuguese Dragons to access it, after a 2-1 defeat in the first leg.

The return round was less bright than at the time of Samir Nasri and Nicklas Bendtner (5-0), but the explosion of joy was no less strong in terms of the scenario, tense and undecided.

At the Arsenal scale, this return to the top had a taste for drunkenness and the supporters made it understood by transforming the Emirates, pregnant with sometimes contained fervor, into a cauldron fed from the first to the last minute.

This Arsenal team, which returned to C1 after seven years of absence, has found the resources to patiently but with determination surpass a club accustomed to continental jousts, guided by the unsinkable Pepe, 41, three titles and 120 Champions League matches on the counter.

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